weigh feeder

In the field of industry, many products need to be more precise amount to get better results, For example, the grinding of the rocks requires a weigh feeder. The material which is needed to grind moves in the moving belt which puts the material in the Hooper. These Hooper’s contain the weigh feeder which is termed as the gravimetric weigh feeder which equally grinds the particles in their fixed proportion. This technique is used during the grinding of cement and preparation of steel, fertilizers, and other chemicals.

Here we will discuss the phenomenon of weigh feeder. It comprises four basic parts which are as follows:

  • Closed-loop controller
  • Load cell
  • Tacho
  • AC Drive

Now we will briefly describe these components.

  • Closed-Loop Controller: It is a component of the weigh feeder that controls the rate of the current which is required to operate the system. It works on the 4-20 mA current. This value of current controls the movement of the belt of the weigh feeder. The value of the current is controlled by computer processors. If the value of the current exceeds or any error occurs, an alarm is installed in the system for indication.
  • Load Cell: It converts the respective load into the electrical signals. It works on the principle of four strain resistance of the Wheatstone bridge.
  • Tacho: It is a small device of the weigh feeder having speed sensors that check the speed of the belt.
  • AC Drive: It is used to vary the speed of the motor. AC source can be converted into DC when we install rectifiers. It gives better results with high efficacy.


It is another important component of the belt weigh feeder. Above the belt where the material transport to the hoppers and then transformed into the collector, one or two weightometer are installed above it. It continuously measures the weight of the material either every particle has equally susceptible to grind. Moreover, with these weightometer, there are many magnets installed in this system. The benefit of installing a magnet and weightometer is that it ensures that the prepared product is clean. The purpose of the installation of magnets is that it ensures that the material does not spread on the belt and in case of any metal impurity that may be trapped in the powdered and ground product, it can easily separate from the product.

The weightometer is hanging above the belt as a swing hangs. When the material passed through the weigh feeder belt, this weight meter pressed the material and they passed through the hopper. Sometimes, any of the small rocks can be trapped in the weightometer and may cause functioning of the matter. When many of the stones are trapped by the weightometer it gives low value than the actual that may cause a little difficulty.